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The model turned out surprisingly maneuverable at low speeds, as well as stable at high speeds – all this thanks to the pronounced camber and classic heels.
A high click from the heels and the same light and laid-back nouzbatters on rocket toes are all that is needed for modern skiing!
Skis hold the arc very well on a tight track, and thanks to a fairly wide waist, they do not bog down in the muddy spring split.
Trampolines, like the track, are their element. It is difficult to find a more pleasant model, on which it is equally comfortable to roam on bumps, and rotate complex tricks on the line. They are stable at the entrance to the springboard, you can relax before the jump. Due to the good stability on the kicker, they easily go to the twist, and on landing after jumping they very nicely absorb the blow.


Sizes/Размер (cm):
182, 176, 166
Dimensions/Геометрия (mm):
Flex Tip/Tail (Жесткость Носа/Пятки):
6/7 из 10


  • Tip rocker with camber underfoot (Плоский рокер на мысках и большой весовой прогиб в центре)
  • Cap/Sandwich
  • Topsheet: TPU (Глянцевая полиуретановая антивандальная пленка с яркой графикой)
  • Core (Сердечник): poplar/bamboo (тополь/бамбук)
  • P-tex Sidewall
  • Base (Скользяк): 1.6mm p-tex 4100, Die-Cut logo
  • Edge (Кант): Edge Full Wrap 2.2mm
  • Carbon Reinforcements in Tip/Tail. (Карбоновые усилители на мыске и пятке)
  • Carbon Stringers (карбоновые стрингеры по всей длине)

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