Imperial Dino

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Pro-model of the multiple Russian champion in slopestyle Grigory Fuzeev. Dino is, without exaggeration, a unique model, which has no analogues on the market.

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Gregory Fuseyev is known for his unusual approach to skating. So, in the graphics of his pro-model, he insisted on going his own way – to portray a dinosaur with whom little Grisha went to sleep in Finn and had dreams about winning the Russian Cup. Today, Grisha is winning and already being a full participant in not only the Russian, but also the international Frisky scene, he keeps with him his talisman, which claws the best parks of the world – that same dinosaur. we hope that fuzeaurus will help you to put both cork 1, and caribou on tusu in, and doubles with handraces! We spent 3 years testing and improving the design, until we achieved the ideal parameters of geometry, rigidity, deflection and reliability.

During this time, 10 different shapes were created, more than 50 different materials and many technologies were tried. Insane geometry 140-94-140 with a double radius of 13-15 meters allows you to lay any turns, ZEROKEMBER – stably keep high speed, flutroker and errayrayz allows you to push the butters, and due to the huge width of 140mm the toes add +500 to stability on the presses along the rails and boxed


  • Sizes/Размер (cm): 176
  • Dimensions/Геометрия (mm): 139-94-139
  • Radius/Радиус: 13-15m
  • Flex Tip/Tail (Жесткость Носа/Пятки): 6 из 10


  • flat center & tip/tail flat early rise
  • Sandwich
  • Topsheet: pbt
  • Core (Сердечник): (тополь/кедр)
  • P-tex Sidewall
  • Base (Скользяк): 1.6mm p-tex 4100, Die-Cut logo
  • Edge (Кант): Edge Full Wrap 2.2mm
  • высокомодульные стрингеры по всей длине

Life on the road with Grigory Fuzeev

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