Imperial Adept Max 180

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The longest and narrowest of the three superuniverses of the Adept family. Max 180 is as close as possible to classic powder skis, but at the same time it has the key features of the shape of the contours, characteristic of all three models, thanks to which the skis become as maneuverable as possible and easy to control in deep snow. Such a design and “water-skiing form” contribute to the most effective weighing, optimal body position when riding in the central rack and vertical work, you do not need to shift the weight on the heels even when jumping from drops, the control in the central and front racks seems to be easy, this feature teaches to the correct position of the body and saves a lot of power when riding. To perform nobatters and rotations on natural terrain in deep snow do not require any additional effort!

In addition to powder skis can move very quickly on the track. the largest rockers, long tapers and small turning radius contribute to the ability, and the large width of the waist increases the cutting force (feeling on the track, as from large and wide skibord), with enough experience and taking into account the specifics of the control, you can easily fancate, almost lying in the turns.
Imperial Adept Max
Imperial Adept Max


Sizes/Размер (cm)
Dimensions/Геометрия (mm)
120-146-130-136-115( 180cm),
14m (188cm)
Flex Tip/Tail (Жесткость Носа/Пятки)
8/9 из 10


  • Tip rocker with camber underfoot (Рокер на мысках с весовым прогибом в центре)
  • Topsheet PBT (PBT топ с яркой гра-фикой)
  • Core: Poplar/Triplochiton (Сердеч-ник тополь/Триплохитон)
  • ABS Sidewall (Боковая стенка из ABS пластика)
  • Base (Скользяк): 1.6mm p-tex 4100, Die-Cut logo
  • Edge: Edge Wrap 2.2mm (толстый Кант)
  • Additional high modulus fiber
  • Carbon Stringers
  • Carbon Tip/Tail fiber
  • graphite Nanotubes

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