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Trampoline board

12,000 руб.

The trampoline board was designed specially for the trampoline center allpro for intensive daily training, the boards were tested daily during the year in the Allpro trampoline center and showed high reliability. The trampoline board is a fully composite rigid elastic base with individual graphic design of the upper part of the protective film.



A soft replaceable and maintainable (can be repaired with a standard thermo-pistol) is attached to the lower part of the wear-resistant protective coating that comes into contact with the net (the coating was specially selected for use with gymnastic grids eurotramp and acrosport, it is also suitable for any other grids). Throughout the edge of the board is integrated a solid elastic edging made of durable wear-resistant polyurethane.

Fasteners are installed on the metal inserts integrated into the hard base inside the high-strength stainless steel with metric thread for standard 4×4 snowboard mounts (in addition to the specialized trampoline mounts on the trampoline board, any snowboard mounts of the 4×4 system can be installed).