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Imperial Era

26,972 руб.
Новая ERA универсальных лыж !
На ногах ERA ощущаeтся очень приятно и комфортно, лыжи очень легки в управлении, а переходы с мягкого на жесткое и обратно просто не ощущаются, зона баланса необыкновенно широкая.

Imperial Key

29,640 руб.

Universals “for the whole” of the next season borrowed many of the developments from Grisha Fuseev's model, they were created using carbon and high-modular fiberglass, thanks to this, the freeride geometry skis remained in the park weight class.

This is one of the few models on which you can really comfortably roll on the tracks, in the park and chubby. Anticipating questions, these skis do not look like any specific stock model and are 100% our own development from bends to shape.

Geometry: 140-102-140

Imperial Runa

25,490 руб.
Мягкие и отзывчивые лыжи очень легки в управлении и невероятно стабильны на любых скоростях, зона баланса необыкновенно широкая.

Imperial Hungree

21,000 руб.

130-102-130, adaptive rocker on toes and heels, large camber, double radius 15-24m, 4 types of fiberglass, graphite nanotubes “graphene”.