We have created a complete production cycle: from design on paper, 3D modeling, selection of materials, creation of test and master-models with absolutely any necessary characteristics, rigorous and exhaustive testing in the laboratory and live testing of each experimental model during several years of experts and leading dispute-tsenam world-class.

Maximally improve the quality and reduce the cost of our products allowed us to independently design, design and manufacture of equipment directly in Russia, as well as the use of new high-tech and high-quality materials of Russian and foreign production. We use materials from Austria, Germany, France, Korea, Japan, USA.

Each model of our skis is the result of many years of hard work (real blood and sweat), long tests, trial and error, as well as endless experiments and rework. We evolve, trying together with you to create a new, interesting and perfect equipment. Our riders have broken a lot of experimental models, until the world has come up with products that are worthy of you, and as which we are sure.