We have been freeskiing since 1997, we stood at the origins of this ski culture in our country and saw its origin abroad. In 2002, we founded the largest Russian freeski community twintip.ru, dedicated to nyuskul and freeride, in 2006 created the first friska store in Russia twintipshop.ru, in 2010 created the first electronic ski magazine “Freeskiermag”, in 2008 they created a workshop for the production of skis , and in 2013 created an experimental production of ski skis “Imperial Factory”, which also created a new summer direction Vejkski.

We skated ourselves and actively participated in the life of the new ski area. A lot of tests of new equipment for the majority of Russian ski magazines (Ski Ski, Ski-Style, Skipass, Vertical World Freeskiermag), promoted in Russia new at that time ski brands: Armada, Movement, Ninthward, Amplid, Zag, Moment. Organized tests of equipment, competitions, participated in judging most major contests, created snow parks, built tracks for the World Cup stages, themselves participated in the first championships in frisking and trained new generations.

Over the years, we have not only tried most of the models of skiing, boots and bindings, we saw the evolution of this equipment, felt all the innovations on ourselves, all the pros and cons of what the ski industry was creating,
thus comprehending the very philosophy of frisking development.

Now we make skis ourselves, as they should be from our point of view. Undoubtedly, we have chosen the most complex and one of the most expensive equipment segment from the point of view of production and reliability, but our many years of experience and assistance of many leading sportsmen and world experts of skilbuilding help us in our quest for excellence. Imperial Skis is, first of all, the ideology of freeskiing in all its directions: freeride, backcountry freestyle, park skating and straight.

Everything from design to finished products is the embodiment of the flight of thought of a new generation of skiers, which we turn into your reality with your help. We collected the best technology and baked them in a single monolith called “Imperial skis”.

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